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Ministry Training

Training Leaders - Ministerial Internship Programme

We have an In-House Training Programme for all our pastors, many of whom started their churches in the villages without any formal Biblical training.  It is also open to the younger generations who want to plant and lead churches especially in the rural context. Called the Ministerial Internship Programme or MIP it is a one year intensive training course. We have trained 4 batches so far and are ready to start the 5th batch in May 2012.   Classes and basic residential facilities are provided at the church and students will return to their ministry fields on weekends to be with their families and conduct/assist their home church services on Sunday morning and thereafter return to the church in the evening.

We want them to have a thorough grasp of Old and New Testaments, their context, God’s plan for His people and the church.  The course is also intended to ensure that the students have a clear knowledge of the fine aspects of ministry, especially in mission, church planting and the pastoral and counseling skills.

To enable students to interpret the Bible, preach and teach sermons, develop Bible studies that are informative, inspirational and life changing as the Gospel is life-changing.

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